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Hi, My name is Gerr​ye Johnston​​​

Founder/CEO of Men and Women for a Representative Democracy in America.

Our organization teaches courses in public policy and the Constitution that affect American citizens as well as visit the Legislators in Washington, D.C. Men and Women for a Representative Democracy was founded to advance leadership, participation, and representation in local and global affairs. We provide a safe and supportive environment for men & women’s leadership development. Gerrye is also Constitutionist. 

Seminars are taught by women who are experts in their fields: non-profit, entrepreneurial, business, and life skills.

We are engaged socially and politically, informing and strengthening leaders to make a difference by working collaboratively with those who hold the Biblical viewpoint. 

The United States is under attack as never before from within and without. Those who have no fear of God are working to destroy the Constitution and erase the influence of God's word on which this nation was founded. We need to continue to educate and advocate for Biblical principles to be upheld. 

We believe in Saving our America Heritage. The principles of the American Founding, stated most eloquently and concisely in the Declaration of Independence, must be studied and firmly grasped if we are to return to the constitutionalism of the Founding. In turn, this means that the virtues must be developed in the citizenry. The development of these virtues cannot be coerced since coercion runs contrary to the nature of virtue itself.

© 2017 Men and Women for a Representative Democracy in America


​Democracy - Republic

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