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It appears there is a dual system of justice in our country!  After years of waiting, the infamous “Durham Report” has been released.  That report revealed what Conservatives have been saying since 2016 when Trump was elected President of the United States. There was no collusion with Russia!  None!  It was all fabricated to cripple the Trump presidency.  I have said for years now that the things liberals accuse conservatives of doing are the very things they are doing!  The collusion was with the liberals - not the Trump Administration!

For 6 years now, we have heard Congressman Adam Schiff tell the American people that he had seen incontrovertible evidence which proved President Trump colluded with Putin and the Kremlin to influence the 2016 election and steal the election from Hillary Clinton!  He went on every late-night talk show, every lame-stream media broadcast, and argued loud and long, day after day and night after night!  Of course, the media carried his water for him, and when a reporter dared to question him, he would double down on his claim that he had seen “proof” of Trump’s collusion with Russia.

Well, the first report, the Mueller Report, came out and proved there was no collusion and there was zero evidence of collusion!  But that did not stop the Dems from making their accusations.  But when the Durham Report came out, it said again that there is no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.  So, two weeks ago there was a motion made in the House of Representatives to expel Schiff from Congress - but several RHINOS (Republican in Name Only) Republicans would not vote to see that motion approved!  However, the House did approve a motion to censure Schiff, and they brought him into the well of the House and humiliated him so now he will forever be tagged as a liar for all the falsehoods he has spread for 6 years now! 

We need to pray for our country, as America is about as divided as it has ever been!  The upcoming ‘24 election season is sure to be a very trying time for our nation.  The liberals have already proven to us they will do anything to keep power- so it is difficult to imagine that things will be calm and smooth.  We should certainly pray for our country.






























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