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The double standard and utter hypocrisy of the Liberal left is something that never ceases to amaze us.  Donad Trumps home was raided by the FBI and Justice   Department offiicals and searched from top to bottom! Donald Trump's lawyers were not  called and were not allowed to be in the house. The media was called and were there to video the whole thing from beginning to end. The left went crazy in their feigned shock and unbelief at such a terrible act being done by a former President of the United States.

On "The View" over several weeks, the hosts were calling for President Trump's head on a silver platter. "How terrible that Trump would do such a thing! That was the narrative the media went with in the story! So, now that Joe Biden has been discovered to have  "Top Secret Classified" material the story is completely different! There was not raid on Biden's home! There was not media there to video the search and seizure.  Biden's lawyers met the FBI and followed them as the conducted the search.

And, of course, the narrative was, "President Biden is cooperating fully and has no idea how the files got into his office, his garage, or his house!"  And now, six places have been discovered where "classified top-secret" documents were stored! No outrage, no calls, for investgaiton, NOTHING !

Now Trump was the President of the United States, and as President, he can classify or de-classify, any document he pleases! National Archives and the FBI knew he had the documents! But the documents in question in Biden's possessions were documents from when he was in the Senate and when he was Vice-Presdient.  Senators and the Vice-President do not have the authority to take classified materials. Trump having classified documents in his possesion was a "national disaster" worthy of being thrown in prison! But Joe Biden's having classified material was "just a simple oversight.... and he didn't mean to do it, and he doesn't remember how they got in his possesson, and he is really sorry, so..... it's all good-nothing to see here-everybofy move along!" Sad!!! 

 Have a wonderful day!

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