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I am not yet convinced that a Republican House of Representatives is going to be able to do very much to make a difference in the politics of our country, but there are some things being done which have given me hope. 

When it came time to select who sits on what committee, Speaker McCarthy removed Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee. He then removed Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

All three of these have been on the liberal media whining and complaining about how unfairly they are being treated by those mean Republicans. When asked by the media about removing Schiff and Swalwell, 

McCarthy stood tall and strong and did not even flinch when he answered the question. He reminded the press how for two years, Adam Schiff said over and over that he saw "undeniable evidence" that President Trump 

had colluded with Russia! As a matter of fact, the Democrats impeached President Trump twice on nothing more than lies and innuendos!

There was no evidence! NONE! ZERO! NADA! Yet, week after week, Schiff stated he saw evidence! Even after the Mueller Report came out and stated firmly that 40 million dollars of searching 

produced no evidence of collusion, Schiff continued his lies and propaganda! Speaker McCarthy said he was not going to allow an out-and-out liar to be on one of 

the most important committees in the House of Representatives!

Speaker McCarthy said he was briefed several years ago by the FBI and told that Eric Swalwell was having an affair with a known Chinese spy. When that was told by the FBI to

the Democrat leadership, not one Democrat thought it was a problem, so Swalwell kept his seat on the Intelligence Committee! McCarthy said he was not going to have someone on

the Intelligence Committee whom the FBI warned should not be anywhere near classified information. I wonder how much secret information his girlfriend passed on to 

the Chinese Communist Party -simply because of her relationship with Swalwell.

Ilhan Omar has said on several occasions that Israel is not a legitimate nation, and they are occupiers of Palestinian land. Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East. and this

woman is so filled with rage toward the Jewish nation she can only condemn them every time a camera is turned on her. Why should this anti-Israel, Jew-hating radical Muslim

woman be put on the Foreign Affairs Committee? It is good that Speaker McCarthy removed her platform to spew her hatred of Israel,

These three changes in the House committees are a step in the right direction for America.

I can only pray we see some more folks stand up to the radical elements in our government.

For too long there has been lying and all manner of other things happening without fear of

retribution. Let's pray it stops!

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