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The CCP is Funding Private Schools in Amercia


Report: CCP Funding American Private Schools           


These schools are receiving Pentagon f​unding for U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) programs, which are at risk due to CCP’s influence. In response to this alarming development, Republican Reps. Mike Waltz and Chrissy Houlahan have introduced a resolution to protect JROTC programs and future U.S. soldiers by pulling funding from schools and taking CCP money.

“Firms with direct ties with the CCP are buying up American private schools,” said Waltz. “It is troublesome that our government has been supporting some of these schools financially. Our legislation would ensure that the Pentagon will no longer provide funding to these schools.” Houlahan added, “As a former teacher and ROTC cadet, I was greatly disturbed to learn that there were American private schools with ties to the Chinese Communist Party running JROTC programs. I’m proud of our JROTC programs and how they shape the next generation, but we must ensure they remain representative of our nation and its values.”

The U.S. Army JROTC program is one of the largest character development and citizenship programs for youth in the world, and it is essential that it remains free from CCP influence. It is unacceptable that the Pentagon has been funding schools that are connected to the CCP, and it is encouraging to see Reps. Waltz and Houlahan taking action to protect our JROTC programs and future soldiers. It is imperative that the CCP stops funding private schools in America. 

The Chinese Communist  Party (CCP) has its tentacles in every aspect of Amercia Society: Hollywood, universities,real estate,

corporations,lobbying, politics, and much more.

Source: Townhall

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