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Our National Sovereignty

Left-wing legal groups, some of whom are tied to those organizing the caravans, have thought of a way to challenge every single denial of entry and deportation. Even when they lose on one, they come back for more. All it takes is one district judge in one bad circuit to automatically win the first two steps of litigation for them, permanently alter national border policy by applying it nationwide, and encourage a massive rush at our border. Now that Roberts has signaled to the lower courts that he will not police them, they will be even more emboldened to come up with innovative ways to shut down border enforcement.

Now, even after we succeed in denying illegal immigrants’ asylum petitions, judges are making ICE wait to deport them until the lawyers adjudicate separate asylum claims for each member of the family! On Monday, U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss ruled that ICE could not deport an asylum applicant who got her day in court and lost because her daughter was remaining here and would be left alone. But the daughter only remains here on her own volition because her lawyers are filing separate asylum claims for the daughter. This in itself should demonstrate the absurdity of these asylum claims, because it’s almost impossible to have a parent who is not persecuted but a daughter in the same family who is.

Roberts is making it clear that he has no problem with violating rules of standing, ignoring 200 years of sovereignty doctrine in the courts, and expanding the practice of universal injunctions, which Justice Thomas called unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, the border flow and all its cascading ills both for Americans and the migrants grows with every court ruling:

Folks, that is the true government shutdown.

But it gets worse. The more the courts encourage the border rush, the less detention space we have even for the people we can still detain without catch-and-release, forcing ICE to release even more people. They are using our own system against us. ICE announced this week it has released another 200 migrants into our country at El Paso.

The media might try to keep this information from Americans, but the millions of potential migrants around the world hear about this news on TV and on their phones.

We no longer control our own destiny. Foreign nationals and lower courts now control the future orientation of our society. This is the government shutdown: The federal government either can’t or won’t protect us from invasion and foreign threats. One of the core reasons why we switched from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution was to better control immigration and the sovereignty of the entire union from “the intrusion of obnoxious aliens through other States,” in the words of Madison. Writing in Federalist #42, Madison elaborates that the federal power over naturalization solved “a very serious embarrassment” and “defect” of the Articles of Confederation whereby “certain descriptions of aliens, who had rendered themselves obnoxious” can force themselves on several states had they “acquired the character of citizens under the laws of another State.”

Now we are to believe that the ACLU, millions of migrants, and forum-shopped lower courts created by Congress can shut down the other branches of government. This is why there is no better or more cost-effective enforcement mechanism than a fixed, impenetrable deterrent [Build The Wall] that prevents illegals from stepping foot on our soil in the first place. It solves the political and legal arguments about deportation that invariably come into play the minute they enter our country. But at some point, if we don’t reclaim power from the courts, they will start granting standing to everyone, even on the other side of the border wall.

Pray that the last native-born Productive American to withdraw his/her support of The Democratic People's Republic of Amerika will turn out the lights.

  • PLEASE drag out your fifty-year-old copy of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" and read it again. 

credit to :  Ellen Saurebrey

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